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Our team of professional DJs understand the importance of your event and strive to to make it exactly how you envision it.

We believe in total event personalization, and utilize a modern approach that will keep you in the spotlight without using "cheesy" outdated techniques.  Our approach to your wedding is 50% event execution, and 50% dance party.  The dance party is very important and fun, but keeping the flow, programming, and working with all of the other vendors, and communication with you leading up to the dancing, is what separates our service apart.

Courtney Latham
DJ Flip Flops started Flip Flop Sounds in 2009 with a couple of speakers and a mixer. His wealth of knowledge in sound equipment, aesthetic concert stages that please the ear, lighting and effects that activate the senses all lead to the growth of Flip Flop Sounds into the premiere sound and lighting company that it is today! Not only is does he train DJs, he's a reliable source of fun, kindness and charisma that people have come to count on. In his spare time he, oh wait he doesn't have any..
Leah Ross
DJ KurlZ is one of Oregon's 5 female DJs and has been an integral part in streamlining Flip Flop's events and meeting with all brides! She comes from a musical upbringing and can name a tune in 3 seconds! When she's not rockin' the dance floor and helping the team, you can find her on a trail or river with her kids and running shoes or selling real estate!
Brian Mobley
DJ Mobes is new to the Flip Flop team this year but brings us years of DJ experience in weddings and live events, along with his on air charm from being in radio! Brian is super personable and high energy, basically knows his stuff and we are lucky to have him! When he's not doing voice overs or at a concert, he's enjoying the outdoors with his two kids that love him dearly!
Danny Cecchini
Danny comes to us with years of emceeing background and with his love of music, developed into a strong DJ and great addition to the Flip Flop team! He's naturally a charismatic entertainer, but is also deep rooted in our community within higher education sector and has a passion for the birds of prey, handling falcons in his free time. Danny also loves the outdoors and participating in athletic events along side his wife.
DJ Beatrice has been a DJ from the scene of Seattle clubs for 11 years, to running live sound and even on air live talk shows, Bea is now a dynamic member of Flip Flop Sounds! She's all around good spirited, possesses that mother intuition, and has many hobbies outside of music, though that's where her heart lies.
Jared Schiemer
Jared is full of style and has been mixing now for quite a while. You'll see him at school dances, emceeing fundraisers and enjoying all Bend has to offer. While he's DJ'd multiple events up at Bachelor, he's also just had his own wedding this summer, so he now has a great perspective on vendors and the wedding hustle!
Josi Stephens
Our newest member to the Flip Flop team comes from Wyoming, a soulful cowgirl at heart, Josi has experience throwing down some mixed beats at festivals and parties! Super fun and down home, this girl is sure to stir up the dance floor!
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