Flip Flop Sounds was born out of the passion and pride of creating a great and fun event.  Our goal is to reduce the stress, and increase the fun in a modern relaxed approach.  We pride ourselves on treating your event, like it's our event, memorable.  We work diligently on maintaining a comprehensive and ever expanding music library and keeping up with the latest in technology, all to bring you the best experience possible.

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20664 Carmen Loop Ste #1

Bend, OR 97702

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School Dances

General Events

At Flip Flop Sounds, we walk through the event with you, outlining your needs, wants and overall flow of how you want your dance, fundraiser or party to play out.  Whether it be a combination of live sound and DJ breaks, a themed dance at your school, a brewfest for thousands or a private affair of 50 people, we have the equipment to handle all sound and music, along with pops of color with lights or a bedazzled laser show.  We want to make sure you're covered to have the most memorable and fun party of the year!  Check the availability calendar for dates and receiving a custom quote.